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Our quality

Il Brolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is genuine, checked, verified and validated 100% PDO Garda Bresciano.

Olives already know everything:
we have the utmost respect and care for this wonderful fruit so it can express and maintain the best of itself when it's transformed into oil.

"Olive knows"  two simple words that encapsulates our philosophy and our beliefs, as we describe in the video that you can find in the Excitement section.

We chose to have our own oil mill although we are dedicated to micro productions.

Maximum cleanliness and attention at all stages of the process are essential conditions for us to achieve excellent results.

Production Process

Collection and washing
It is important to pick  healthy and perfectly ripe olives, directly from the tree, and never from the ground.
The olives are defoliated, weighed and selected for quality before switching over to washing where we make a second selection process before crushing.

The olives are pressed within 4 hours with a hammer crusher that consists in a series of high speed rotating disks.
The pulp is crushed by the impact of the rotating disks and partly by the mechanical action of the olive pit.
This process lasts a few seconds and goes on in a continuous loop.

Kneading and extraction
Mixing has the aim to break the emulsion between water and oil; this is the operation that the pressing.
The kneading machine is a steel tank in which helical blades rotate mixing the dough.
At this stage, it is important to control the temperature (from 22°C to 25°C) and the duration of the kneading (from 20 to 40 minutes, never more than 60 minutes).

The paste obtained through the two-phase decanter centrifugation process is separated into oil and pomace.


The oil obtained is filtered in real time to ensure the lowest possible oxidation.
It is then stored in stainless steel tanks under a nitrogen stream and cabin heat at a controlled temperature of 15°C to 18°C to ensure and maintain unchanged the organoleptic qualities of the product.

The oil is bottled only upon request, so it is always like freshly squeezed.

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